Corporate Line

  • Language Applications (Industry-specific)
  • Internship
  • Recruitment (Language experts)

Commercial Line

  • Voicing / Subtitling (Speech / Song)
  • Fine arts (Storytelling / Singing / Craft)
  • Theme tours / Homestays (Corporates / Expats)

Service Line

  • Sahara Asia Newsletter
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Trainer / Translator / Interpreter outsourcing

Welcome to Sahara Asia

Sahara Asia seeks to add an authentic touch to today’s professional scenario. The ever-increasing demand for domain experts, quality in performance and enriching resources has been the inspiration behind this novel concept.

With a vision to provide the best professional language and cultural services in the industry to our Asian counterparts, Sahara Asia operates on specific verticals:

  • Publishing
  • Specialised language training programs
  • Translation & Interpretation support
  • Library & Bookstore
  • Culture Tourism
  • Crafts & Souvenirs
  • Films


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" Uma, this is such a pleasant surprise. You have so much depth. You are an amazing artist, cultural person. You are actually GOD gifted."
- Rajneesh Jain, Founder - Shikiom.