Sahara Asia designs its products and services with a unique style and flavour. Our wide range of applications focuses on three main lines:

Corporate Line

  • Language Applications (Industry-specific)
    Foundation Program to equip participants with the technical terminology and expressions specific to the industry. Interactive sessions with domain experts and workers.
  • Internship
    Participants gain exposure to the industry and its work culture. On-site interaction with industrial experts.
  • Recruitment (Language experts)
    A classified database to meet the specific language requirements from Corporate houses.
  • Cross-cultural training (for Indians & Expats)
    An in-depth training session, including a Forum - to encourage communication and bridge the cultural gap.
  • Soft-skill training
    (Storytelling / Time management / Stress management)
    Entertaining, educating and interactive sessions focussing on key values.
  • English / Tamil / Hindi Communication skills
    (for Japanese / Koreans / Chinese)
    Communication was never so easy! Fun-filled sessions focussing on situations. Real life experiences on a platter.

Commercial Line

Our team designs and delivers in-house programs and also shares its expertise to promote your activities.

  • Voicing / Subtitling (Speech / Song)
  • Fine arts (Storytelling / Singing / Craft)
  • Theme tours / Homestays (Corporates / Expats)
  • Film festivals
  • Food Festivals

Service Line

  • Sahara Asia Newsletter
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Tourism
  • Presentations and survival notes specially compiled for global and domestic travellers
  • Programs on culture & etiquette,theme tours, etc.for corporates and educational institutions on request.
  • Customised language programs (Corporates / Expats)
  • Course material design
  • Language Coursebook Orders
  • Language students can place orders for textbooks and reference materials (including previous years' Q-Papers) for their certificate exams. Samples on display. Application forms and Prospectus available on request.