“Uma, this is such a pleasant surprise. You have so much depth. You are an amazing artist, cultural person. You are actually GOD gifted.”
Rajneesh Jain
Founder - Shikiom
“The logo is excellent and artistically conceived. Creates an indelible imprint of the business in the minds of the customer – above all it’s attractive. Kudooos to Uma and team. Gud luck to u all the time. “
Suresh Viswanathan
I have no doubt on the delivery capabilities of Language Labs led by Uma. They have always had relationships firmer and stronger with all their clients. Uma and her team have always given their best and this has been substantiated by repeat opportunities as and when a requirement arises. Hence I am compelled to state that they need no direction on delivery.


CEO, Launchpad Ventures
“Uma, the Japanese translation your team did is very much professional and easily understandable “
Divya Ranganathan
Business Development – Mfrg. SBU, L & T Infotech
“It was great working with a wonderful person like you, Uma. What a magnificent temperament just right to serve the client with a smile and always ready to oblige. Thanks and we did have a great time working together. Will definitely stay in touch as always! “
Cognizant Academy - PDC team